Source: Llama Finance; Singapore Couple life cycle

In the Singapore context, relationships are pretty much standard, and probably only differs in the initial sizzling phase of Dating.

After the exciting phase, the boring part follows where a couple has to think about their future, and prepare for it. From the above illustration, you can be in these 4 stages.

1. Dating
This is the probably the happiest stage! Not saying that other stages are unhappy ones, but this is the stage where a couple can be carefree, and slowly get to know each other.

This is also where you get to observe your partner's spending habits. For instance, some girls may find it weird that their boyfriends are avoiding Koi, or Starbucks to save up. Yet, he still spend alot on alcohol.

Girls often fall into the habit of overbuying of clothes too ;)

2. Engagement
By this stage, some fundamental rules should have been set into relationship, and spending habits should now either been corrected, or accepted by each other.

Fortunately for guys, the tradition of buying an engagement ring worth 3 months' salary no longer holds.

You can always avoid bustling retail spaces, and visit Poh Kim uncle for affordable rings. It does come up proper GIA certifications too. I have a colleague who purchase his Engagement ring here, and it costs around ~5k for up to 0.8 carat. I know it depends also on the 4Cs, why not you check out the customer experiences below!

Read up stories on Engagement ring purchases here :) 

More on wedding preparations -

3. Housing and Marriage
Housing comes with issues like whether to take up a HDB loan, or a bank loan.

Marriage comes with issues like whether to commingle finances and investments. Whether to split expenses clearly, or allowing the one with a higher income to fork out more.

4. Having a family
By now, the relationship should be stable and strong. Couples have to decide who does decision making in handling cash, or investments.

Budgetting should be in place too, to ensure that insurance premiums are paid off, and children expenses are well-planned out and manageable.

Above pretty much sums up the couple life cycle of Singaporeans. Mr Llama will wish to discuss about real-life dilemmas, and also to learn from the community.

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