Here are the sites Mr Llama will use to gather thoughts for decision-making in Unit Trusts.
No matter what amount of investments you are making, it is always best to make the best out of it. Make it count!

1. Bloomberg - Homepage
  • To gather Market Flavour. 
  • To know current head lines.
For all stock index movements - Asia to Americas.
It provides useful information such as Index Price-Earnings Ratio too, which gives a gauge of how 'cheap' an index is. Unit Trusts are afterall benchmarked against Indexes, so this will be quite useful.

This provides accurate price for Oil commodities like WTI Crude Oil / Brent Crude Oil.
Bear in mind, Unit Trusts are made up of Energy related Stocks, and in turn, causing NAV to be co-related to Oil Price. Yet, a rise in Oil price may not necessary cause an equivalent in Energy based Unit Trusts.

Navigating around the site allows you to obtain Gold / Silver prices too.

4. Funds listed in Singapore
Please see this post on how Fund Selector can be used.
Most importantly, FSM also allows you to export search results to Excel to be analysed :)

You will be able to identify Funds according to these types:
1. Geographic scope - China, US, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia and many others.
2. Asset Class - Bond Fund, Equity Fund, Balanced Funds consisting of both. Also, Money Market / Fixed Income.
3. Sectors - Energy, Tech, Infrastructure etc

FSM also gives information like 1-Year, 3-Year and All-time Low & High prices of each Fund.

Remember the caveat; The more complex a fund is, the higher the expense ratio.

5. Best Performers / Top Losers
Simply to identify what is a Bargain, and what is not. For instance, HSBC GIF Turkey Equity Fund was identified to be a bargain from this. See Llama Portfolio.

6. Funds NAV history
Mr Llama uses DollarDex for NAV history, up to a year of NAV price available. You will require a DollarDex account for that.
Fret not, you can also visit POEMs Fund Finder to identify NAV history.

7. New Funds to look out for
Not all Funds can be found on each Unit Trust platforms. Unit Trust platforms offer their own unique list of Funds. If you do know of any othe great resource, please do let Mr Llama know through Contact Me form, or email Mr Llama at!

Mr Llana wishes to help and hope all this will be useful in your investment journey :)

Equity - Funds injected into a company. Can also mean stocks/shares
Stocks / Shares - A piece of company that you can own.
Bonds - Essentially a loan.
Coupon - Periodic payments of a loan. Generally Annually. Can be bi-annually.
FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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