Hi everyone! This is Mr Llama. Mrs Llama is my fiancee.

I am in my late 20s. This is the tricky age where one is trapped between trying to save, and having to spend a huge sum on settling down.

Yes, I am talking about Engagement, Wedding, and having a flat. It does not come cheap in Singapore.

I am having an Average income for a Singaporean. Coming from a low-income family, I have always tried each and every way to make some money.

I used to trade heavily during school days, and accumulated 3 years worth of trading experience. It was during 2013 to 2016, where I witnesses several events like "US Debt Limit - Government Shut-down", "Oil supply glut", "Brexit", "Fall of Noble group". It was indeed a tiring 3 years, where I used to be at my computer 9am and 9pm daily looking at both SG and US markets.

What I traded on was that meagre $20,000 saved up during NS. I played on REITs, Penny stocks in SG & US (remember even Asiasons at one point), and leveraged ETFs in US. Interestingly, I made almost 0 returns in that 3 years, where I recalled at least 10 trades were made per month.

Well, along the journey, I took some of the Funds out to pay for daily expenses. The faithful remaining $11,000 was used to pay off my school fees.

Interestingly, I recall that my bank account had only $1,500 in 2016 as a Fresh Graduate. I entered University with $26,000 in my bank account!

Fast forward, it is now 2019. I have decided to put in my time to research on Unit Trusts, and share my knowledge in bite-size on this site. Since my previous job does not allow me to trade, and I am unable to hide my desires any longer, I have decided to jump back into the market in 2017. Unit trust is one of the ways I could do so.

I have since changed to an entirely different industry, that allows me to trade. Hence, I moved on to trade US stocks.

I am also a strong advocate of doing your own due-diligence for investments. By relying on Advisors, you are not only paying a large amount of Fees, you are also entrusting your Retirement, your Dreams, your Future to another person.

Who knows, he/she may just be eyeing that commission from you... Conflict of interests!

Why Llama? Llama Finance?
Llamas have been on this planet for 40 million years. They are known to be social, friendly, and live in herds together. They are very much like unit trusts. These funds are by nature diversified using monies pooled from different investors.

As for my trading methodology - Tumble Mumble, I trade in positions of $4,000 each. Each portion of $4,000 acts as a llama to feed on the gains in the market, as well as protect each other from losses.

By further diversifying through holding a few investments, you form a protective "herd of investments". Tadah! Other than this, the only other reason I call this LlamaFinance, is because Mrs Llama finds Llamas cute.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and the content has helped you in one way or another. Please feel free to drop a comment or share your opinions here too :) I am always happy to learn from you.

~Mr Llama
Just another ordinary Singaporean
16 Dec 2019


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