They say, giving thanks bring about a huge range of benefits to you.

Quoting an Abbott article, it has these 5 main benefits:
1. Counting blessings can boost your health.
2. Helps you age slower.
3. Reduce stress.
4. To better relationship.
5. Decrease blood pressure and fat intake.

There is even a recommended practice of writing down things you are grateful for on a daily basis. Maybe this article will be the starting point of this new-found practice.

So here, I shall give thanks.

"The Friend"
Thanks for conceptualizing the importance of data and investing into REITs for me. Yes, everyone knows how to invest. Everyone knows how it works.

But, they key is really having a community, and knowing how to implement the investment strategy. And this is not forgetting the plan that you are to stick to.

I understand some parts of communication may have created misunderstanding. This led to failure to the creation of the said Udemy course. It has also led to unnecessary undermining of your efforts.

I believe it is time to let go, and hopefully you offer me the time to grow. Nonetheless, what I believe and preach about REITs in years to come, is going to be the seed you have sowed in me many years back.

"Mrs Llama"
Thanks for being understanding all the time, and making the decision to get a flat with me. It was a quick and firm decision we made to offer $10,000 above the previous bid to secure the 4th flat we have ever viewed in our lives. It is a choice we made, just only after 3 elapsed days of flat viewing.

Hopefully, this is going to be a good choice. Already made the first right choice to have you, believe the second is this flat we chose together.

"The Kids"
These are 2 kids that I live with and spend a huge amount of time with. They are 5 and 2 years old respectively. To be frank, they have caused huge disruptions to my life, especially during circuit breaker when I had to stay home.

During zoom meetings, they can be heard tearing my door down. In the mornings, I am awakened by a kid pulling my hair apart. And, the incessant requests to play badminton, cards, read books, and food requests.

As disruptive as it is, it brought me much laughter and many great memories. It is only temporary that one stay naive and energetic, and I am glad to be part of this phase of your lives. Yes, I have less time to do my own things, and hopefully both of you grow up to be good people.

Really wish that you 2 grow up healthy and quickly so I get more time to do work and blog too =p

"A new lease of life"
A career change can be nerve wrecking. However, it has offered new perspectives on lives. It is true I have become happier, and no longer live in the "constant stress".

I find it hard to explain to people when they ask why I had a career switch. It is really difficult to justify, be it money, working hours, or prospects. Or even timing of the change.

I made the decision to change after a month of thinking followed by months of deliberation. It was after rounds of discussion, with an older correspondence, Mrs Llama and my brother.

After all the time, I just concluded that there is no right and wrong. Yes, I can be selfish for demanding the change at the "peak" of one's career. "Peak" because most banking finance jobs offer a huge salary boost and offer more opportunities after your first 3 years in the job.

But, there is really not much feelings I had towards my the previous workplace. Despite the better salary, I had problems finding things to do. Honestly, I was literally spending 1 hour to complete tasks I can complete in 10 mins, and spend the next 10 mins to double check the work. Toilet breaks can take 10 mins, but we just spend the next 10 scrolling phones in the toilet.

You can choose to work, or scroll Shoppee or read whatever stuffs online. Do not get me wrong, its probably due to better work efficiency or good management that we have more free time. But, there isn't really much to fight for. This can be the dream job for many, but I certainly could not live with it. I do not like the fixed hours and routine life. I am pretty much stuck to the work desk. I do not have faith in the management's words that things can change too.

Yet, this change while causing negative economical changes to my lifestyle, offers more mental satisfaction. It really challenges me alot, be it during and after working hours. It is something that can be more meaningful, and requires one to learn and improve non-stop. Literally.

I am still coping, and will cope for many years to come.

"LlamaFinance" Youtube channel subscribers
Yes, this is a huge motivation to my life too. There is too many gurus out there offering great ROIs. Just really wish to have one for the boring kind of investment. Something that aims for that boring 5-8% per year returns.

Unleveraged. Undeterred. But, understood.

Making videos can be time consuming. Preparation and research can take up to 6 hours for a 15 mins video. Editing is another 3 to 4 hours. Preparing YouTube thumbnail and writing video descriptions takes another 40mins. It all adds up to about 11 to 12 hours, and I believe all other financial bloggers that make YouTube videos will understand.

Last but not least, you, who have read this article till the last paragraph. If you are in a rough patch, Jiayou to you. If you have made big bucks, congrats to you.

Everyone cares about themselves, how often do we look outside to care for people out there?

I have begun to offer the random uncles that sit at roadsides money. Just a small sum of $2. It doesn't impact me if I give away the 2$.

After settling all the necessary expenses and completing the first YouTube REIT series, I think its due time to see how I can offer help to the society be it monetarily or physically.

Let me know if you have any ideas!

Meanwhile, stay safe!

~A reflecting Llama


  1. Hey Mr Llama,

    I've been following your blog since I started working. And thoroughly enjoy your posts.

    Was wondering how do you feel about your career switch thus far? Was the trade off in terms of lesser economic purchasing power but better mental health worth it in your opinion? Any things you would have done differently - Say wait a couple more years before changing or you think you should have done so earlier?


    1. You flatter me haha! I feel I begin to see life clearer. Well, one can never see things from another perspective if he stands at one spot, or go in a single direction.

      I would say its worth it, and economic wise, I am able to earn more than my last drawn come next year. Just have to tide through this difficult period.

      I think, i should have done it earlier. Maybe hold less emotional burden and move on earlier.

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