New video up on LlamaFinance youtube channel here -

This is a video made to compare and see whether investing into properties using i-Quadrant method or sticking to stocks and REITs is better with the ERM method by Dr Wealth.

Assumptions were made in the video and it should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, I do feel it gives a good representation of potential returns, provided with the best circumstances.

Let me know if I am missing anything in the short video. Meanwhile, remember to like, share and subscribe if you like such investigative finance videos.

Meanwhile, will be going back to producing REIT videos.

~Mr Llama


  1. Hey mate

    I did the ERM class under Dr Wealth

    some misconceptions on your content - not sure if you are doing for the views / ratings:

    1) they don't do ads in the way I-Quadrant does

    2) there's continuity after the classes, as an community is built (it's just hidden from you) , with previous + current + future batches always chipping in for ideas and problem-solving. ERM always update their content and churn out portfolio & personal finance ideas.

    3) We don't leverage 3.5 times - i think you should read the broker's section on margin financing/shares financing. 3.5 times leverage is almost impossible to do. ERM recommends way less than that - during the Covid market correction, we were unleveraged. ERM doesn't recommend beginners to leverage as well - advice given was that leverage only when comfortable.

    Hope this clarifies.


    1. Hi anon!

      Thanks for ur input!
      As for 1, I did not mention about the marketing aspect of erm. For 2, i mentioned lifetime access of resources in the video which i know both courses provide.

      As for 3, i wanted to depict a scenario to give both investment methods the best possible scenarios and stretch both to the limit.

      Aim is to really see where stocks and shares stand against properties. Didnt clarify the stand well, apologies.

    2. Hi anon, what's your feedback after attending the ERM course - is it worth the price?

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