Isit just me?
Maybe it's just me, but I have not actually obtained any information from Investor Relations teams of listed companies before.

I have obtained other kinds of information in the past as I used to be in the financial industry, but not financial information.

So, I was surfing the net for potential investment opportunities. Interestingly, US markets have roared, same for Singapore markets. Where else can we find investment opportunities?

Hong Kong investments?
Yes, Hong Kong. Because of political instability, and whatnot, HK markets have not roared. It remains near low prices during the COVID correction during March 2020.

Oh yea, I really love's stock screener because  of its simplicity. It is unlike other screeners which pumps out many kinds of different instruments like warrants or ADRs. It allows me to filter all the key information I am looking for and gives legit results.

I do not like to include too many filters due to data completeness issues. Even the best stock info providers can have certain fields missing - be it PE ratio, Current ratio and so on.

I minimize the number of filters in order to capture a more complete set of information and then analyse each one by one from the filtered results.

I found 2 companies that I am interested in and have added to my watchlist.

1. V-Tech limited (HKEX: 0303)

As you can see below, I only had 3 criteria and has scoped the sector I am searching to be Technology sector. I had no issue finding V-Tech limited's investor presentation on its IR website.

I also found out it has over 500 thousand youtube subscribers and has ventured into educational apps on Google Playstore too. Yes, it sounds familiar because it produces the V-Tech telephones we see years ago. Do you know it produces Leapfrog toys too?

2. Wisdom Education (HKEX: 6068)

Wisdom Education International Holdings Company Limited is an education company in South China operating primary and secondary schools. Along with the People's Republic of China educational programs, the Company provides international programs for its high school students.

I felt schools can be quite a resilient investment during the COVID crisis. However, I was unable to get more updated information from the IR website.

Hence, I resorted to email their IR team.

Here is the email exchange:

I managed to obtain the latest presentation materials in a matter of 15 mins. If you think I am silly for having not done this before, you are probably right.

I am excited as this is the first time I actually get information from an IR team. This is also why I wish to share this experience with other investors. I feel that spending more effort to research cannot be wrong when you are investing be it Fundamental or Technical styles. You are encouraged to do so too.

I have seen another blogger Kelvestor who even flew overseas to meet management teams.

Just really curious now, how far do you go to obtain information about your potential investments?

~Mr Llama

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