I have been delaying this for the longest time. I have finally updated the website URL to www.llamafinance.com! Yay! It's really a feat considering that I am an absolute IT noob.

Reason why I have been delaying is because of concerns of Google and other search engines having to re-crawl my website links. And, I was worried about the blog's link from SGInvestbloggeres and Thefinance.sg too.

Oh wells, I thought, I'd have to do it eventually, so here I took the bullet and manage to update the URL :)

More on how the blog was built and managed - Journey to creating an Adsense qualified blog.

Why now?

As you have noticed, I have not been actively blogging as I am retreating into learning mode. COVID investment losses? Yes, everyone is in losses mood now, me too. However, if I  were to picture my losses against my portfolio value when I retire, it will be very small.

Key thing I should do, is to continue to learn, in order to invest better next year and next next year. So, here I am, retreated in my cave during circuit breaker and learn non-stop.

Thus far, I would still thank Vince for guiding me through REITs and offering the chance to collaborate on creating a course on REITs.

I think it's going to be exciting and valuable to everyone out there! Tons of work, definitely! But I believe it's going to be a great way to contribute to others out there!

More information will be provided soon.

Stay tuned~

~Mr Llama


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