Hello! Have been loaded with work and changes in recent days. Loads of research into various sectors in order to make certain investments - namely ETFs, Mortgage REITs, Airline leasing, Cruiselines, most of those which dropped a lot and seem undervalued.

As of now, Growth Invest or not, it doesn't hold for next 2 years. I realised that I would have to diversify more, into REITs, into companies that can be held for longer term.

As of now, this is my portfolio holdings:

Actions to take is to continue to learn about REITs from Vince of Reit-tirement. He has spent 2 hours to guide me through his REITs investing model. Appreciate your efforts!

This also means I will park more cash into REITs during the next sell-down. Not talking about COVID or technicals here, but it is just logical that what goes up, comes down, and goes up again...given time. 

Once again, stay safe, invest safe (cheap). Also, feel free to comment if you wish to know why I made certain investments.

Mr Llama~


  1. Always remember
    If in doubt, fundamentals first and set a time horizon


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