From Tumble Mumble 8, many things have happened to my trading journey. Yes, there is a unrealised loss of $500 USD in my portfolio now, and it is one of the loss making ones in some time.

Let's see what happened since the previous Tumble Mumble post:

Current holdings as of 13th Dec 2019:
PagSeguro Digital (PAGS) @ $29.25
Pampa Energia (PAM) @ $13.60
Conn's (CONN)@ $13.75
Health Insurance Innovation (HIIQ) @ $18.15

13th Dec:
Sold off Pampa Energia @ $14.45
Sold off Health Insurance Innv (HIIQ) @ $19.85

16th Dec:
Bought Footlocker (FL) @ $37.15

19th Dec:
Bought Greendot (GDOT) @ $22.35
(Went to $24.45 the next day but I didn't sell it)

20th Dec:
Sold off Footlocker (FL) @ $39.90

23rd Dec:
Bought Natural Gas ETF (UNG) @ $17.15
Bought Spirit Aerosystems (SPR) @ $75.20
Sold off PagSeguro Digital (PAGS) @ $33.60
Bought Health Insurance Innovation (HIIQ) @ $19
Sold off Greendot (GDOT) @ $23.01

Current Holdings:
Spirit Aerosystems (SPR) @ $75.20
Conn's (CONN) @ $13.75
Natural Gas ETF (UNG) @ $17.15
Health Insurance Innovation (HIIQ) @ $19

Yes, indeed, I have succeeded in turning the $6,000 losses (as of 1 Nov 2019) in this post in November into gains. This is once again, amidst the low interest rate environment, and the market's booming from US-China Phase 1 trade deal success. 

It's somewhere around $260 gains:

However, I have unrealised losses here:

Bulk of the losses comes from Conn's Inc, where I have $500-$600 unrealised losses. Did some pretty bad trades as I was too anxious to get in. It is a furniture retailer largely based in Texas that suffered poorer business due to Hurricanes and some impairments due to retailer loans. It is something like Courts where they allow customer to buy on credit.

Spirit aerosystems remain an issue in my portfolio, as it has only dropped about 30% from its $100 highs. It is an aeroplane parts maker.

 However, the 737 MAX program is 50% of its annual revenues, and Boeing is not going to order any more 737 MAX aeroplane parts from it till like 2021 onwards. Trust me, the fundamentals of this company is awesome and it has just diversified to produce Airbus parts too via acquisition of 2 other companies. I do not know what to do with this holding. Its either average down and hold for the long-term, or sell it off.

All in all, I have probably failed to reach the target to remove $6,000 losses in entirety. I still have approximately $1,000 more losses to work on.

So, more work to do. At least, now I have a larger USD capital sum to work with. Meanwhile, eat sleep trade repeat.

~Mr Llama


  1. How much is your capital for trading Us stocks and which platform are you using for US stocks?

  2. Hi there! Around 15k USD on 1 November since start of this tumble mumble series! I use SCB online trading

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