Remember about the article on the $6,000 losses? To date, it has been 1.5 months since 1st Nov, the day I tightened my trading criteria.

Just a week ago, I was holding these stocks as shared in Tumble Mumble 7:
5th Dec:
Added Pagseguro (PAGS) @ $29.20

6th Dec:
Added Plantronics (PLT) @ $23.60

This is what happened in the week of 9-13th December:

9th Dec:
Sold Plantronics (PLT) @ $24.158 average price

Well, this stock has been ups and down in the range of $23 to $24. It has just been added into S&P Small Cap 600 index. Previously, it was in the S&P Mid Cap 400 index.

I noted this company has GAAP losses, and doesn't fit my criteria. A mistake, thus I am selling for a little profit.

10th Dec:
Added Conn's Inc @ $14.20
Added Ciena @$34.50 (Like, finally)
Added Health Innovation Inc @ $18.15

Conn's dropped 30% and I bought some. Honestly, did badly in terms of pricing, so will average down if required. Its still profitable, and viable though. Did a quick research, both Conn's and Best Buy sucks in terms of customer ratings. However, I believe results were affected by Hurricanes. It should be a good Tumble Mumble opportunity.

Ciena is a 5G tech candidate. Its undervalued as its profits are rising, and has a good liquidity position. The price just keeps falling, and this is a range I would buy. It qualifies as a Tumble Mumble.

Health innovation Inc is a Insurance tech opportunity. Similar qualities to Ciena. Dropped and rebound within $18-$20 range, so why not buy some at $18.15.

12th Dec:
Market is roaring.

Added Pampa Energia SA @ $13.60
Averaged down Conn's Inc at $13.20
Sold off Ciena at $39.25

Ciena (CIEN) - It went on to $43 range. Why did I sell off so quickly, I really have to continue to hone my trading skills. Still, it is a good undervalue play within 3 days.

Current holdings:
PagSeguro Digital (PAGS) @ $29.25
Pampa Energia (PAM) @ $13.60
Conn's (CONN)@ $13.75
Health Insurance Innovation (HIIQ) @ $18.15

$1,900 more losses to clear
At 1st November, it stood at $6,000. I took out half my USD funds and put it into REITs. Now, I stand at an overall loss of $1,900. I have 2 more weeks till the end of year to prove Tumble Mumble works. Jiayou Mr Llama!

~Mr Llama

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