China unexpectedly waived certain tariffs off US Soy..

The headlines hit and everything went euphoric, as the markets cheer and rock on. Everything is green.

If you read Tumble Mumble 6, you will know that I have sold off everything. Pity I sold off on Thursday and could not enjoy one more day of rally? Yes! But life goes on, I have to find the next Tumble Mumble.

5th Dec:
Added Pagseguro (PAGS) @ $29.20

6th Dec:
Added Plantronics (PLT) @ $23.60

Wish to add Ciena (a networks / 5G company) but order did not get filled

This is a Brazilian Fintech company. It has experienced a crazy amount of growth, similar to Afya (another US listed company that is the sole largest Medical school in Brazil).

Good liquidities - Healthy current and quick ratios above 2.

Most recent results has exceeded expectations too. Technical movements wise, rose to $38 recently, only to fall to $28.80 range. Picked up for a tumble mumble play.

I would say this company is not feeling well. Its still accounting for restructuring costs, and GAAP results are in losses.

However Non-GAAP results are okay, just missing expectations by a little. Technical movements wise, it was trading as high as $26, to drop to $23 range due to the usual class action lawsuits against the company.

Oh wells, it does have growth, but its going to take time. And, it has fallen close to 50% earlier this year. Honestly, rather a risky trade to me.

Seriously looking at this growth conpany. Things look healthy, however, fallen from the highs of $46 to $34 range. I would buy at $34 for tumble mumble portfolio.

But i failed to.

That's all for now, enjoy the rally!

~Mr Llama (Post done using phone,so no pictures)

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