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Continuing from what I owned from the previous post on 28 Nov, I have sold off 1 and added 1 stock to maintain a total of 3 stocks in my Tumble Mumble portfolio.

Current speculative holdings:
1. Weibo @ $43.20
2. Pampa Energia SA @ $13.25
3. Funko Inc @ $14.18
4. Banco de Chile @ $20.50 (newly added)

I have sold off Pampa Energia SA at $13.95. I have added Banco de Chile as Chile is having protests, a little similar to what is happening in Hong Kong. BCH has fallen from all time highs of $28 to $20.40.

Similarly, other Chilean banks are also trading at 52-week lows. However, BCH was chosen because of its good set of ratios here -

Quick comparison against Banco Santander Chile, Banco de Chile has better profit margins.

Well, if we wish to buy on dips, or recessions what not, technically all Chile companies has dipped alot. I just have to maintain some spare cash in case I have to average down.

I have also sold off Weibo at price of $43.69. Well, I don't hold stocks for too long a term. I only hold Llama REITs for the long term.

November 2019 Tumble Mumble results
For month of Nov 2019, Tumble Mumble has returned realized profits of $1,236.80 USD.

August 2019:  $103.76 profits
Sep 2019: $2,974.79 losses
Oct 2019: $1,591 losses
Nov 2019: $1,253.80 profits

It seems tightening criteria of Tumble Mumble criteria worked out well. I can only continue to work hard, and hope to pare down the $6,000 SGD losses and by next year, turning it into profits.

Meanwhile, I have $4,115 more losses (overall to both Llama REIT and Llama US stocks) to fight.

Stay tuned for Llama REITs update!

~Mr Llama

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