Yes, this is what I hold for the long term - REITs. Tumble Mumble acts as a cash flow generator, and eventually, cash from salaries and Tumble Mumble will be invested into REITs.

Right now, I am sort of on track to my savings goal. According to the retirement savings plan constructed by REIT-tirement, I would hit $500,000 by 2033 Q2. This is another 14 more years.

The plan was constructed with $5,000 per quarter investments, on assumption of 5% per year dividends and annual dividend growth rate of 1%.

This is probably too slow as compared to what other investment trainers out there preach. Or, can I even shorten it to 10 years?

It will depend on my salary increments, expenses in starting a family, and Tumble Mumble monthly performance.

So, here is the calculator -

With my current income inclusive of Tumble Mumble, I take 12 years to hit $500,000. Be it slow or fast, at least I am starting already. Let's work on letting it be faster another day.

So, here's what is in Llama REITs portfolio from StocksCafe:
I am holding on to 3 REITs - Capitamall trust, CapitaR Trust and Frasers Commercial Trust.

First time trying out Stocks Cafe, and I must say it is awesome! Thank you to whoever created it!

Rationale for buying these Reits
Frasers Commercial - See potential in Alexandra Technopark. It still has occupancy. China Sqaure Asset enhancement has yet to materialize its effects too.

CapitaR trust - China has loose lending policies right now. Probably one of the few countries worldwide still able to grow, albeit at a slower rate.

Capitamall trust - Volatile price action. More 'expensive' compared to Frasers Centrepoint, and it has a higher average cost of borrowing of 3% compared to Fraser Centrepoint's 2.6%. Still, it has come down alot from highs of $2.7.

As I thread carefully on top of retrenchments, 0.1 month Civil servant bonus, and lower bonuses for private sector news, I am planning to buy the next $5,000 worth of REITs by March 2020.


~Mr Llama

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