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Beginning mid 2010s, many news sites has began paywall in order to trade their traffic for increased revenue.

They have resorted to what we call Paywalls in order to charge you for access to news or information on their sites. To do so, they would implement either a Soft paywall or Hard paywall.

What are Hard & Soft paywalls?
Soft Paywall allows one to read a few free articles first, before blocking off content from readers.

Hard paywall blocks off content and does not offer any free content.

Here is how a paywall looks like:

Examples of Hard & Soft paywalls
Websites with Soft paywall - Bloomberg, Straits Times, The Financial Times

Websites with Hard paywall - The Times, Business times, Wall Street Journal

How to bypass the paywalls?
As I follow financial news closely to understand the markets, Bloomberg is one of the most influential news site and very important to any investors out there. It is the news that most bankers read from anyway. Hence, the ideas discussed will largely focus on how to allow investors to access content on Bloomberg.

1. Deleting your site data (Works with Google chrome)
First, you right click and select Inspect.

Select Application tab.

Select Clear Site Data.

Using this method will reset the counters for 'Free articles' for websites with soft paywalls. The downside is that every time you clear the site data, you have to log in again to various accounts you have already logged in to.

2. Using is a website that crawls text out of a url for you. Simply copy the news article URL into the website and it will crawl the text for you.

This works well for Bloomberg, but not for other paywalled sites. I would say, only good for Softer paywalls.

3. Googling the news title
Its known that most news sites obtain their news from the mainstream news sites. For instance, I can access to Bloomberg articles from other sites like news, Yahoo Finance news. Just google news tltles and you will be surprised how many other news sites actually publish paywalled articles for free.

Bloomberg news title:

Google results of the news title:

These are the few methods that works well for me in my investing journey.

Do you have any other ideas on how to access news timely?

Please comment below to help everyone out there:)

~Mr Llama


  1. Using VPN to change your IP for "soft" paywalls.

    1. How does this work? Mind sharing? 👍🏾

  2. How did you create your website? Is it through blogger or godaddy website builder? I can't seem to make more header/navigations like yours. Mine only has "Home".

    1. I created it through blogger.

      Godaddy is just the domain name. Purely for url.

      The headers all come with the current skin template. I took a long time to find one that I like haha!

  3. Use the incognito browser window.

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