How much does teens spend on travelling? How much exactly on a trip to an ASEAN country?

Does Singapore teens overspend on travelling? Let's see the exact breakdown of amount spent on a super enjoyable trip by Mr, Mrs Llama and friends.

Pre-trip expenses
1. SIA - 250$ per pax

2. Serene Premier Hotel Hanoi - $88.50 per pax for 3 nights

This is how the hotel looks like
3. FWD Travel Insurance ASEAN - $16.50 per pax

Day 1
1. Airport (Noi Bai) to Serene Premier Hotel
(380,000 VND - 95,000 VND per pax)

2. Lunch at Pho 10 (65,000 VND per bowl)

3. Check-in to Serene Premier Hotel (because we reached the hotel around 1pm, too early for check-in. So we had lunch first.)

4. Walking around Old Quarter

5. Shopping at Intimex Supermarket

6. Lotus water puppet show (around 100,000 VND per pax) (Very worth the money, interesting and enjoyable)

7. Stroll along Hoan Kiem Lake

8. Dinner at Phat Ky (around 120,000 per pax)
(We were cold and hungry, so we settled for this. Dimsum was good.)

9. Grabbed back to hotel (25,000  VND - 6,500 VND per pax)
*Taken to be 25,000 VND per grab trip, as prices ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 VND which comes out to be lower than 2 SGD)

Day 1 Total expenses per pax: 386,500 VND, equivalent to $23 SGD

Day 2
1. Breakfast + en-route to Halong bay (3 hr bus ride)
We have this awesome Pho everyday for hotel breakfast. The spread is good including Banh mi, Crepes, and nicest of all is the Omelette and Viet Chili sauce)

2. Cruise = $140 SGD / pax
*Here is a picture of the cruise and the view from room

Lunch and Dinner included during the cruise, so no additional expenses except for drinks!

Total expenses per pax = $140 SGD

Day 3
1. Breakfast + Kayaking + Transport back to hotel (included in the cruise package)

2. Dinner at restaurant called Chaca Thang Long (recommended by Llama friends)
180,000 VND per pax

3. Walked to Night market to shop

4. Supper at 4P- Pizza (175,000 VND per pax)
*Suggested to Grab back to hotel, but let's walk to digest.

Day 4
1. Breakfast at hotel
2. Walked to Dong xuan market to shop

3. Grabbed to Train track to take pictures (25,000  VND - 6,500 VND per pax)

4. Grabbed to Train track cafe to have a meal (25,000  VND - 6,500 VND per pax)
*We realised we were at the wrong part of the train track. We got to the place we want to be - the pictures below.

5. Coffee, pancake and Spring rolls - 80,000 VND per pax

6. Walked to Fuji Mart to shop
About 1.5m VND per couple (Personal expenses not included in overall expenses)

7. Grabbed back to hotel

8. Had dinner at Durty Bird around 400,000 VND (100,000 VND per pax)
*Very tasty.

9. Dinner part 2 at 4P - Pizza again (620,000 VND - 155,000 VND per pax)
*Extremely full, but very contented with this restaurant hopping experience!

10. Walked around Hoan Kiem lake

11. Walked back to hotel

Day 4 Total expenses per pax: About 350,000 VND, equivalent to $20.80 SGD per pax

Day 5
1. Breakfast at hotel
*Yes, we are having the Pho again.

2. Grab to Airport with a 7-seater (380,000 VND - 95,000 VND per pax)

3. Meal at Airport (400,000 VND - 200,000 VND per pax)
This is how it looks like.

Day 5 Total expenses per pax: $17.60 SGD equivalent

Overall expenses per pax for the trip
= $577.5

*At a rate of 1SGD : 17,600 VND

This trip was planned with a conscious budget, with savings from Klook tours instead of booking through the hotel which is more pricey. Air tickets were bought months before.

Money was spent efficiently as most purchases were shared among 4 people, such as Grab.
To include expenses to buy souvenirs and personal items, per pax expenses will be around $850.
They say: Travel to nearby countries, you are saving money in that way.

But, are you really saving money?  To me, the experience is worth more than what is spent.


  1. Hi Mr Llama, very interesting trip you had. would you be able to share the itinerary as i am looking to plan a trip to hanoi and halong bay. Saw there is cruise too for that

  2. Hi Darren! What I've shared here is technically the itinerary haha!

    Because we we went there with no exact plans in mind, so we picked a hotel in old quarters and we just roamed around the city area. I would recommend you try out the restaurants here too, and they can be found on tripadvisor with high ratings too.

    As for cruise, you can search on Klook for the different options - budget vs luxurious. On klook there are also tour package to ninh binh..tamcoc etc too, and they are all way cheaper than if you were to book through the hotel. Not forgetting they pick you up at your hotel doorstep.

    Cruise wise, we took a more budget option - Halong phoenix cruiser. Hope this helps!

  3. HI Mr Llama,

    Thanks for share about that, i thought there would be a more detailed itinerary plan which you have. No worries, will be checking out on the options for the cruises. Just another question about your day 2 trip on the 3 hours long bus ride, was it from the hotel to the cruise boarding place?

  4. Yes! The tour guide came personally to fetch us to the bus. Our hotel was in an alley, and we had to walk out to the main road to catch the bus.

    The bus was headed to the pier, to catch the bumboat to the cruise. Quite a seamless experience.

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