Hello everyone! First I would like to apologize for skipping 2 months worth of writing. Many changes have occurred in my life and am still trying to cope.

Thank you to all those who are supporting and encouraging me :)

Let's talk about the changes in the market. Trade talks between China and US is pending progress, US slapped tariffs against EU, South Koreans protesting against Japan Corporates, Centrals Banks around the world (Canada, Australia, India, and even China) expected to remain or lower Benchmark rates.

You can see that I am trying hard to maintain a Cash Warchest like what Mr Vince has taught. Thoughts flashed through my head as I attempt to forecast expenditures required for the next phase of life. The only solution is to continue to work hard, as I try to break out of the low household income status.

Llama Trades performed in May and Jun

Let me first talk about Llama Unit Trusts. As we all know, Llama Portfolio has 2 departments. First, being the pioneer Unit Trust department. There is scaling down of holdings as Unit Trust eats away returns via fees, so long-term holdings are slowly being converted to SGX holdings.

DollarDex is still good for short-term trend plays. There are the various trend plays by myself in May and June 2019.

Turkey was a bad one, with only 15$ in profits. Well, it was sold on news that US was going to sanction Turkey. Nonetheless, BIST 100 (Turkey Index) flew up with news of US-China Trade Optimism.

Oh wells, money was put into a Short-term bullish oil play. BlackRock energy fund was priced in when WTI Crude was at 54$ and sold off when WTI Crude hit 59$. Sadly, this only converted to a 2.80% gains in BlackRock Energy fund.

I realise, I really need a more Live and Active system. I went to create a SCB Trading account, and this will give me access to Oil ETFs more closely pegged to Oil Futures prices.

Funnily, I entered my Energy Fund purchase when WTI was at 52$ and on the day of Fund pricing, it went to 54$. All these are eating into my returns.

SCB has taken a week, but my account is not yet opened too. It is fine as i do not see any opportunities in the market yet. Let me know if you do see one ;)

These are the Trades done/Funds sold in months of May and Jun for Unit Trusts.

Let's take a look at SGX stocks sold off.

Yes, I know SIA engineering went to 2.93. 2.78 isn't too bad for a non-active trader. Most importantly, this gives me confidence to continue to look out for the next 'undervalued' opportunity in SGX :)

Selling off CapitaMall Trust (due to run-up upon opening of Funan Mall), Cache Log Trust (Run-up on news of Fed Rate cut) and Sheng Siong (Run-up due to Buy-Calls by analysts), are just myself trying to raise Cash for future opportunities.
Yes, I do get fearful, and moreover, my age is closing to Marriage. I need Cash! 

Here is how Llama Portfolio looks like, with no more holdings in Unit Trusts:

With the current holdings, portfolio market returns stands at (0.69%). No good enough Mr Llama.

Overall net worth of Llama Funds stands at $52,910 marked-to-market, representing returns of 5.82% since July 2018.

There is still Dividends in-transit from Hanwell not accounted for. Cash holdings stands at 48% as I maintain prudence.

I am currently looking to expand to include US equities to tap on the "More Perfect market" to inject growth into Llama Portfolios. This is why Cash is raised at this point.

I remain perplexed as to whether to disclose true figures in Llama Portfolios. The benefits are that it gives me a true record of my trades and investments. It disciplines me and prevents myself from making grave mistakes.

However, it invites judgement. Haha! Oh wells.. I then have to work harder still.


P.S. Feel free to comment to help a investment noob out :) Advices are super welcomed!


  1. Hi Llama, first thing first.

    1. You dont need to apologise for not posting regularly. You are not paid to blog right?

    2. You dont need to and should not disclose your networth to everyone. Networth is a very personal thing. You can still be accountable to yourself without telling everyone about your networth.

    3. When you asked for advise on how to increase your networth / cashflow, I supposed you were really asking for how to do it quickly? Well most get rich quick schemes turned out to be scams! Toto and lotteries are gambling where only the very lucky ones will get the top prizes.

    So, my advise to you would be to build up and establish your career. What you are going through right now - wedding, buying a home, a car etc.. are the rites of passage for every typical couple. No different from what we have gone through more than 30 years ago.

    We dont trade stocks and shares, or bank on lotteries to pay for our wedding, home and car purchase. We did it through very disciplined savings from our work income. So I think, you should not let yourself be distracted from trading in the stock market. Just focus on savings and establishing your respective careers. Basically what I am saying is to invest in your human assets and grow that as you yourself is your biggest asset for a long time to come. At a later age, after all your big purchases, after you have built up enough savings you may then invest in the stock market. It is not too late.

    We are still working after more than 35 years in the workforce. All because we took care of our human capital - keeping ourselves relevant to our respective companies.

    We do invest in shares but we dont trade in them. We only increase our stocks investment after we have saved up sufficiently. Right now, our dividends from our stock investment is around $65,000 per year. We also have rental income from an investment condo of around $36,000 a year. More importantly, the passive income coupled with our earned income enabled us to return back the money to CPF which we used to purchase our properties.

    So in summary, first focus on your human capital as it would be the most important asset for a long time (from 25 yo to 62 yo). Slowly build up your investment to take over the human capital to generate passive income as you age and eventually retire.

  2. Hi Anon,

    Sincere thanks for your thoughtful response! Your sharing will certainly help many young adults out there.

    Yes, it is indeed the dreams of many young people (especially those without inheritance from parents) to have cash flow generating assets.

    I am inspired by you from the fact that you have $65k of dividends and a condo for rental income. Its good advice that its never too late to invest in stocks when we get older.

    Hence i agree with you partially, as I feel that we could all start learning since young haha. Probably, 10% of time on investing and trading, the rest of time on building myself.

    Thanks for this encouragement! And i wish you the best :)


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