This will be a new series where I rationalize and present briefly why I make certain investments.

This time, it will be LionGlobal Vietnam SGD unit trust again!

It is priced at $0.730 yesterday. Predictably, I pricing in at a NAV price of around $0.72-$0.730. With the current run-up of China equities, shall sell at range of $0.750 to $0.760. Averaging down if it hits $0.68-$0.69 range.

It is at a low since 27 March, both the unit trust and the Ho Chi Minh Index.

Per Reuters:

Per the The Observatory of Economic Complexity:
*MIT Media lab

China is Vietnam's 2nd largest trading partner. With its loose credit conditions, sending its equities soaring to sky high, hopefully some of this will have a spill-over effect to Vietnam soon.


Mr Llama

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