The path to creating a dividend portfolio. The path to creating a portfolio with Cash Cows, and Growing Llamas. Llama Portfolio has undergone a huge radical change.

It will now be Bench-marked $50,000, with a Fund Injection of $8134.96. Where from the previous post, Llama Portfolio stands at $41,865.04 with Realized profits.

Life is still messy and busy right now. Without support of Mrs Llama, I could not have pulled through. Let's stash the negativity aside, why not we take a look at Unit Trust and Stocks Portfolio?

Llama Unit Trust Portfolio

Size is now $12,000. It is purely for ASEAN growth play, Turkish equity speculation, and Core dividend funds.

We can see that HSBC Turkey fund has brought the Portfolio down to Red -0.55%. However, this is a short-term trade made, with potential averaging down when BIST 100 hits 92,000, and taking profits when BIST hits 100,000.

Turkey companies has good fundamentals, especially banks like Akbank and Turkiye Bankasi. Moreover, this is an index, chances of rebounds are far higher than a single stock. Other sectors like, real estate are more badly hit.

Llama Unit Trust Portfolio Dividends (April) : $44.88
Dividends to date since Jul 2018 - $501.72

Let's take a look of Llama PnL for month of April:
*Basically Unit Trusts sold off in month of April - Realized Gains/Loss.
*Realized PnL of $273.76
*Realized PnL to date - $1,685.89

Llama Stocks Portfolio

This is a very newly created Portfolio which began in March 2018. I am happy it is at least Green in overall performance - 0.53% gains.

I will only be accounting for Dividend gains once cheque is received in mail. So above performance is regardless of Cum or Ex Dividend.

This is an aggressive portfolio, with 50% in Reits, 40% in Growth stocks, and 10% in bank.

Potential additions include - Sembcorp Marine, Singshipping, Penguin (if price is good), Capita Commercial Trust, SIA (after results release).

Preferably more Reits to lower the portfolio risk, and keeping a safe amount of Warchest in case opportunity arises as advised by Mr Vince -

Overall view

With fresh Funds injection, I have to work harder to ensure that money is well invested and working efficiently to bring returns. Money in the market is $43415.71, giving free cash of only $6,585.

According to my strategy, this can mean buying 2 more stocks, or averaging down on an investment twice in $3,000 tranches each.

Well, fret not, Unit Trusts could be encashed should there be an economic shock. Both CSI 300 and S&P 500 has ran up like mad in a short span of 4 months. Why should not we think that it will run down like mad eventually? 

By then, hopefully I would have prepared cash, to price in some cheap equity indexes.

Mr Llama

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