The Llama Life
Many changes have taken place in Llama Unit Trust Portfolio, my personal life, and my perspective towards investing. This is also partially why I am kept so busy, and could only blog after my long 2 weeks break from writing.

Llama Unit Trust Portfolio made a new Friend
This post will be showing you how Llama Unit Trust Portfolio has a "friend" now called "Llama Stocks Portfolio", that is focused on Singapore equities. Singapore market is slow, more boring, and less perfect compared to its US counterparts on NASDAQ and NYSE. This means there is potentially undervalued counters, or good dividend plays. More importantly, Singapore has access to the Asian growth, as it is situated in the midst of all the hustle and bustle in ASEAN.

Lets take a look at what Llama Unit Trust Portfolio stands today:
*Fair Value gains - $424.44
Portfolio is 65% equities, 35% bonds now.
Size : $18,000 SGD

Let's take a look of Llama PnL for month of March:
*Basically Unit Trusts sold off in month of March - Realised Gains/Loss.
*Realised PnL of $809.58
*Realised PnL to date - $1,412.13

Llama Unit Trust Portfolio Dividends (March) : $62.43
Dividends to date since Jul 2018 - $452.91

Where is the other Cash out of the $40,000 Llama Funds?

Llama Stocks Portfolio
Finally, the Llama Stocks Portfolio debuts. It is created with the similar concept as Llama Unit Trust Portfolio, with Growth, and sustainable dividends in mind. In my previous posts, I have written about why I made certain investments. 

However, as Llama Stocks Portfolio is growing at a high speed, with 6 counters added in a span of one month, I did not have time to explain every single purchase analysis.

Basically, each counter has a max. budget of $3,000, expandable to $3,300 if deemed a good purchase. So, I would then make each $3,000 purchase if I feel that it provides growth opportunities, or growing returns from dividends.

Growth investing
Propnex, OCBC & Sheng Siong

Potential - HRnetGroup, and resources counter like Olam , Wilmar

Indicators used:
1. Rising Net profits in past 4-5 years
2. Lean Debt-Equity Ratio, even better if the company generates profits without Debt
3. Dividend paying company
4. Potential growth in Dividend payouts with consistent pay-out ratio

Dividend investing
Cache Log Trust, Frasers Commercial Trust, HPH Trust SGD

Potential - BHG Retail Reit, Frasers Centrepoints, OUE Hospitality, other Blue Chips

Indicators used:
1. Trying best to avoid negative publicity - Lippo Karawaci briery case
2. Global Trends - US-China Trade talks seems to be heading in a good direction
3. Net property income growth, or potential growth
4. Gearing ratio, Price-Book Ratio, and Potential re-bounds for Price [Technical analysis]

Cost - $19,200
Fair value Gains - $225.54
Commision expenses - ($60) (Taken to be $12 for each counter as DBS Cash Upfront is used)

Overview of Llama Portfolio

Original : $40,000
Total value since Jul 2018 : $41865.04
Realized PnL in % - 4.66%
*Realized from sale of Unit Trusts seen in Llama Pnl and Dividends

FV gains - 650 (From both portfolios)
Total value incld. FV gains - $42515.00
Potential PnL in % - 6.30%
*Inclusive of all Gains from disposal of Unit Trust and Dividends, and also Unrealised Gains of investments

Cost overview
$19,200 in Llama Stocks
$18,000 in Llama Unit Trust
$4,665 in Cash

Llama Fund Management
I am seriously looking to expand the Portfolio using income from Salaries. I already have bulk of my cash in investments as I am not from a well-to-do family and hardly have any cash. The rest of my cash sits in OCBC 360 account giving a 1% yield. 

I hold a strict mandate where I could only touch and invest $40,000 and the rest are pure cash in case of emergencies. Please help by advising me, how much money is enough for emergency cash? 

If I were to expand Llama Portfolio Funds, I will probably add another $10,000 funds in May 2019, given that there are potential investment opportunities.

Stocks are better than Unit Trusts as it does not charge management fees. It is inevitable that I have to change my mindset if I wish to enjoy transparency in portfolio, and lower costs. Unit Trusts, no matter what, remains rather opaque.

Last but not least, I wish to thank Mr Vince @ for advising me in my REIT investment journey. More reits to be added, and more advice requires ;)

*Some figures are rounded off to nearest whole number, as they are considered immaterial.

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