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Llama Portfolio - May 2019 update to Portfolio performance

The path to creating a dividend portfolio. The path to creating a portfolio with Cash Cows, and Growing Llamas. Llama Portfolio has undergone a huge radical change. It will now be Bench-marked $50,000, with a Fund Injection of…

Unit Trust Trade Idea - Vietnam

This will be a new series where I rationalize and present briefly why I make certain investments. This time, it will be LionGlobal Vietnam SGD unit trust again! It is priced at $0.730 yesterday. Predictably, I pricing in at…

Llama Portfolio - Apr 2019 update to Portfolio performance

The Llama Life Many changes have taken place in Llama Unit Trust Portfolio, my personal life, and my perspective towards investing. This is also partially why I am kept so busy, and could only blog after my long 2 weeks break…, pub-6541438499854011, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0