This is how Llama Portfolio stands at 5 March 2019.

Bold Funds are the most recent additions to the Portfolio.

Lets take a look at the current figures:

Dividends received for month of Feb 2019 : $75.10 
*Higher with aid of Templeton Global Total Return Fund

Llama PnL for Month of Feb:
*Funds sold off in month of Feb.

How can you identify undervalued opportunities?

Well the saying goes, what goes up, comes down..
Whatever that goes rock bottom, the only way is up!

So, I actually use this link - to sieve out regions that are worth a buy.

For instance, looking at below screenshot, the redder the more worthy the buy. Of course, you have to find out if the country's economy has any potential too. 

For example, I am back into Thailand Fund as I see that it has fallen well below my recent Sale price of $4.4 ish. I am confident of buying back at a price below 4.32. Why not?

Thailand markets are hit by its political issues, and serves as a good opportunity for Growth play.

After all, the markets hasn't really improved since coup de'tat in 2014.

Source: FSM > Regional Indices performance
Source: Bloomberg charts for your reference - Thai SET 50 - 6 months
Source: Yahoo Finance - iShares MSCI Thai 5 year chart

Additions to Llama Portfolio

Click on the Fund names to access Fund information:)

1. Nikko AM Shenton Japan Fund SGD

Well, Japan was bullish in 2018. It has now taken a bad hit. Why not? Since we are in the US China Trade War Optimism.

2. LionGlobal India Fund

India has fallen recently, significantly, but not alot. This is due to recent financial plagues where one of its largest lender defaulted on a bond.

Markets are feeling that India companies are mostly overvalued too. So, why not? 

India is one of the powerhouse, after China. Growth Play for Llama Portfolio. Moreover, this Fund is up 2% since ;)

3. FTIF - Templeton Global Total Return A (MDIS) SGD-H1

This is a Yield play for Llama Portfolio. Dividend yield per year adds up to be around 8-9%, with expense ratio at 1.4%.

It is priced near 52 week low too. Unique thing about this Fund, it gives growing payouts.
NAV price of this Fund seems to be upheld pretty well too.

It gives a good mix of growth opportunities, and exposure to both Hard and Soft currencies. Well, more on the Hard side, and this is acceptable for Llama Portfolio's risk appetite.

This is what this Fund holds:
Source: Fund Factsheet

Simply, exposure to the recovering Asia Markets. Doing great! A fund with small Dividend payout, and low expense ratio amongst other Funds. Recommended for Asia exposure.

This is a yield play for Llama Portfolio. This unit trusts gives a Dividend yield of 6.9%, and has expense ratio of 1.63%.

This gives a good exposure to China State Owned Enterprises' bonds. China is bullish, and has loose credit conditions compared to past few years. 63% of bond holdings are based in China.

It was bought at a NAV price near 52 Week-Low too.

Explained above. More Growth play for Llama Portfolio.

At a price significantly lower than recent Sale price :)

Not been blogging for a week...
Apologies for not finishing my writing on-time this time round! I am really occupied with multiple things! Really wonder how other bloggers can write so consistently... Meanwhile, no more excuses!

Benn reading up alot, and I guess... It's time to get Llama Stocks Portfolio up soon too!


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