Story on why I bought into Vietnam - Here

Bought LionGlobal Vietnam Fund
0.674 SGD  on 7 Jan 2019 ($2000 worth of units)

Now - $0.759 as of 13 Mar 2019

PnL: 12.61% gains


Story on why I bought into India - Here

Bought LionGlobal India Fund

1.362 SGD on 21 Feb 2019 ($1000 worth of units)
1.396 SGD on 12 Feb 2019 ($1000 worth of units)

Average price = $1.379

Now - $1.469

PnL: 6.54% gains

This post is not to show off about Llama Unit Trust Portfolio's profits. The main aim is to show how you can make use of Unit Trust for Index Trend Investing.

For instance, India was identified to be dropping sharply, and given the "Trade Optimism" between US and China, I have decided to buy into India.

Plan was to simply average down given that India Index (MSCI India in the case of LionGlobal India Fund) may fall. However, India is one of the few countries left with strong GDP growth.

If you want growth, its all about China, India, or South Africa for now. And, some South-East -Asia countries.

This goes with my own personal motto, picked up from Warren Buffet:
Buy when market is fearful; Sell when market is hysterical.
Let's check out relative SENSEX charts below!

I have bought in at prices labelled under the Red Vertical lines. And, as of today, price is at the Green line level. 

I am planning only to sell off in the near future and report profits under Llama PnL.

The most beautiful thing about Unit Trust is that it does not charge brokerage fees. 

For instance, if i buy and hold $2000 worth of this Fund for 2 months before selling off, this 2% expense ratio Fund will set you back $6.13 worth of Annual expense fees.

Way below $50 if you were to trade ETFs.

My point

Unit Trusts is still a useful instruments in accessing certain exotic products or markets. And it is extremely useful for small-time young adults like myself.

Not too much risks, and affordable trading / investing, minus the unnecessary excitement that keeps you up at night.

And, I am selling off LionGlobal Vietnam Fund to take profits :) Hooya!


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