As promised in previous post, Mr Llama is going to share on his additions to his Portfolio. Mr Llama is happy to see 'mini achievments' here and there in his Llama Portfolio. Mr Llama is grateful for all the support in writing for Llama Finance too.

Llama Portfolio as of 1st Feb 2019
Source: Llama Portfolio 1st Feb 2019

The 3 Bold rows are the new additions to the Llama Portfolio. Mr Llama is just trying to prove one point. You can make profits using Unit Trusts too :)

Dividends for Jan: $128.49
*Higher due to United Singapore Growth Fund Payout.

Llama Profit/Loss - $305.71

Dividends to-date since Jul 2018 - $315.38

60% Equity / 40% bonds Portfolio

Nett Invested = $27,500
Cash = $13,125

Source: Llama PnL
*Click on Fund names below to access Fund Factsheets.
Schroder Asian Growth Fund
Priced on 28-Jan

This is a form of Averaging down for Asia Pacific exposure. This is a Unit Trust similar to Eastspring Investments Asian Equity Income Fund. However, it has a lower expense ratio of 1.35%.

Named Top Selling Fund (Equity) in 2017, and Best Risk Adjusted returns award (Asia Ex-Japan) in 2017.

Quarterly Pay-outs, amounting to close to 5% annually. Definitely going to be part of Llama Portfolio for good.

Priced on 29-Jan

UK looks cheap. So does France,with all the protests going on. This Unit Trust was the chosen one.

Expense ratio lowest among Europe Equity Funds. Mr Llama did really put in effort together with Mrs Llama to find out which Fund is the most 'Economical'.

Expense ratio is 1.35%. Equity Funds generally has Expense Ratio of around 1.5 to 1.8%.

It does have an annual payout of about 2-3%. However, this will be part of a 'Trend Play' by Mr Llama. It will be sold off if Europe Equities - FTSE Europe Index rise in the short-term.

Mr Llama wants exposure to both UK & France. It has 26.24 and 19.13% exposure to them respectively.

United Asian High Yield Bond Fund - Class A SGD Dist Hedged
Priced on 28-Jan

Part of Yield play by Mr Llama. Yield stands at 6.8% annualized.

Only $1,000 invested as it has 64% of Bond holdings in China. This involves a certain level of risk. At the very least, they are large China corporate companies.

Risks are further lowered, as China recently loosened credit conditions to Banks, and has economic stimulus in place.

Templeton Global Total Return Fund A Mdis SGD-H1
Priced on 28-Jan

Another yield play by Mr Llama. Yield stands at 8.68% annualized.
Expense ratio is 1.4%.

Unit Trust is made up of Government / Agency bonds across Emerging Markets. Definitely risky.

Somehow, Mr Llama feels this could be a mistake. Look at the one-year NAV chart below.

Well, it seems cheap. It could mean that it is in a downtrend too. Let's monitor it along the way!

Source: DollarDex - Llama Charts

Hope all these helps you in your investment journey. It really is not easy to publish every trades made on the web.

To help other readers, please feel free to comment or advise us if you have any great ideas to share :)


  1. Hi Mr Llama,

    Happy CNY! :) I see that your portfolio is made up of unit trusts and funds? What are the fees you pay and what platform do you go through to purchase them? FSM/iFast?

  2. Hi KC!
    Yes, it is a full Unit Trust portfolio :)

    I do so through DollarDex. In a way I am not charged any fees.
    What I pay is through daily deductions of the Fund's NAV. The amount depends on the Unit Trust's Expense Ratio.

    DollarDex then earns a portion of Unit Trust Management fee, say 8-20%, also known as Trailer Fees from the Fund Managers.

    Check this out for a complete fees breakdown:

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