Loots from the previous Claw Machine trip cost $30 to Mr & Mrs Llama. 

We got 6 toys!

On 10 Feb, we managed to adopt another 6 more toys ;)

How much do you think we spend this time round?
*Comment below with your answers ;)
**Correct answer to be revealed at a later date.

Mr & Mrs Llama's date with Mr & Mrs Sheep
We had an enjoyable and fun-filled double date with Mr & Mrs Sheep! (Well, sheeps are friends of Llamas) It was lunch at Sushi Express at Northpoint City Mall.

$26.50 damage for Mr & Mrs Llama.
$33.50 damage for Mr & Mrs Sheep.

Tips on Maximising returns from Claw Machine

1. Diversify to different Machines instead of sticking to one
Every Machine has its own Pay-out ratio. Some Machines has its toy very close to the shoot (hole). By playing different machines, allow you to capitalize on good opportunities instead of sticking to one losing machine.

2. Listen to advice of any staffs
In life, mentor shares with you their experience so that you do not have to go through the same adversity.

3. Catch toys closest to the Machine
If you see a toy you like and it is not close to the shoot, chances are that you will be unable to catch that toy. Unless, of course, you spend a bomb!

The Machines are set such that you will have the highest chance of catching toys closest to the shoot.

4. Aim for Machines with high stacks of toys
If you are playing at a machine where the toys are placed way below the shoot, it is a pure pay-out machine.

5. Observe and wait for opportunities
When you see that many people has failed, it is time you go play the machine. The more the failures, the higher the chance of a pay-out catch.
*Pay-out catch = 100% claw power, almost guaranteed a catch.

6. If all else fails, stop loss
Me and Mrs Llama has agreed to stop at $5 per try now :)

7. Play at non-popular areas
Somehow, we always managed to get the pay-out at these scenarios:
 a. KSL just opened. Machines are fresh and most offer instant pay-out.
 b. Play United at AMK Big Mac center. No one was playing the machines for a long time.
 c. Melaka Jonker street unknown claw machines hidden at a corner.
 d. And any machines left alone for a while.

8. Avoid crowded areas
For eg., bugis area where the machines are being played frequently. And maybe Compass one level 1 machines? 

Places with high traffic flow, tend to have a poor pay-out ratio.


Some of you may feel playing claw machines is a waste of money. It may be better to invest those money and get some returns afterall? 

However, it sparks joy in me and Mrs Llama. Seeing her happy is definitely more worthwhile as compared to keeping those notes in my wallet :)

Yet, we still have to abide by above 8 tips, especially when playing in Singapore. Happy that we are able to come to a compromise on our claw catching journey.

Happy Vday to everyone~

Gabu pats her head

Hold hands

Couple shot - Mr Gabu and Ms Piyo

Piyomon and Lil Chansey

Naked Eevee

Caught and Exchanged for a Ditto :)


  1. OMG haha! I found another claw-machine enthusiast! My wife and I play almost exclusively in Taiwan (cheaper/better machines) and have adopted dozens of toys over the years.

    Yes it's not always about the money! Happy wife, happy life!

  2. Taiwan?! We wana visit Taiwan too!!

    haha! Yes! we earn money to spend it =p Money not spent is not money...

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