Answer: I will trim my portfolio and hold more cash.

What will you do?

Before I share more, I have decided to share my exact portfolio holdings and amounts, right to the exact cent. I believe it helps in your understanding of my thoughts and rationale. And, you would not judge me for sharing too much? I hope not!

Investments to me, is something I should look at with no emotions. They are pure numbers and logic. So, here goes.

Before the Trim:
Mr Llama Portfolio before the trim

Mr Llama Portfolio after trim
You can see that $7,000 were cut off this portfolio. 

 $2,500 off Allianz GIF Income and Growth AM. 
This Fund is is a great fund. It is co-related to US markets and is itself rather volatile for a Unit Trust. With Trump showing tantrums on the wall, and Government shutdown being prolonged. I wish to reduce exposure to US markets.

Well, in 3 months time, there is a debt limit issue. And this is not forgetting that the S&P 500 slumped the last time Mr Obama failed to raise the debt limit in time.

Disclaimer: I am no expert in US politics.

Let me show you a really quick view on impact of Debt Limit:
2011 Debt Limit
2015 Debt Limit

$3,500 off BlackRock BGF World Energy Fund A2 SGD-H
You can see I am taking profits. Seeing WTI Crude hitting $52 on Bloomberg, it has hit the 1 month high. Well, if you could buy back at $43-44, that will be great. This Fund is co-related to Crude Oil prices. I will be explaining this in another post in future.

WTI Crude Price:
You should look to buy it back at the green highlighted region below.

$1,500 off Nikko AM Singapore Dividend Equity Fund
STI has shot back to near 3,200 from 3,000 range. As this Fund has moved to an almost 0% capital gain/loss position, I would wish to reduce equity exposure and hold more cash.

I expect markets to rise and drop sharply, at least in the near term. You all have no idea what is coming out of the US-China Trade talks. Not forgetting, this is my favourite Fund which pays monthly dividend and has a low expense ratio of 1.51% recorded in FY 2017.

STI Charts for your view:

As I view Singapore based holdings as a potential long-term investment , charts does not really affect my decision making.

You can see that there is something at 3,180 of Straits Times Index for the past 3 months. Please drop a comment if you know why! I would wish to know too :)

For now, Mr Llama signing off~ Have a great Friday tomorrow!

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