Right now, many people are speculating for there to be a recession. Mr Llama understands these are all noises. Yet, Mr Llama wishes to further beef-up his Warchest.

After 2018 bonus and 2018 December salary, Mr Llama is able to allocate up to $40,000 in the Llama Portfolio. could have been more if not for Mr Llama's commitments to his family.

Mr Llama has further trimmed his portfolio. Rationale being:

1. Beef up cash reserves. Cash could be used for new opportunities, or to average down on curent Fund holdings.
2. Remove mistakes made. Please see this post on Mistakes.
3. To create the real Llama portfolio. Previous Unit Trusts bought before creation of Llama Finance were very much experimental and was simply not on-point. Nevertheless, Mr Llama learnt alot. At least no losses to-date since Jul 2018.
4. Chance of Recession in 2019.

HSBC GIF Turkey Equity Fund AC
To sell off $1,500 holdings of this Unit Trust.

Date of purchase: 19 Dec 2018
NAV: 28.03

18th Jan NAV: 29.126
Sale price will be based on 23rd Jan 2019 NAV

As it is co-related to Borsa Istanbul BIST 100, let's take a quick look at below:
Source: Bloomberg > Data > Stocks > EMEA
Blue - Mr Llama's purchase date
Red - Market Sell-Off
Green - NAV to be determined tomorrow

Rationale for sale: Target price hit. 6 months high target reached.

JPMorgan Funds Korea Equity Fund A Acc USD
To sell off $1,000 holdings of this Unit Trust.

Date of Purchase: 1st Aug 2018
NAV: 12.70 USD

18th Jan NAV: 12.30 USD
Sale price will be based on 23rd Jan 2019 NAV

As it is related to KOSPI, let's take a look at below:
Source: Bloomberg > Data > Stocks > KOSPI
Blue arrows in screenshot are buy and sell points.

Rationale for sale: Painful to see my $1,000 sitting there for 6 months and not generating any income. Growth story is not with Korea. Mistake in the first place.

Below highlighted portion simply sums up what is going on around the World. This is coupled with Toxic news like China having a 6.6% GDP growth in 2018, which is one of the lowest in the past 20 years.
Source CNBC.com > News
And so.. Llama Portfolio stands like this:
Source: Llama Portfolio
Portfolio: $20,391.72
Cash: ~$20,000 (incld. dividends received & Capital Gains below of ~$250)
*$40,000 - $20,391 = 19609

Llama Trades (Capital gains/loss only)
**Not inclusive of above Sales.

Source: Llama PnL
Stay tuned as Mr Llama tries to allocate the Funds when the opportunity arises!


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