**9 Dec 2019 update - Playunited Northpoint has closed down. There is one branch at Hougang Mall.

Source: Mr & Mrs Llama
Let's take a break from Finance and talk about fun :) In case you are thinking about hitting Close button to shut this window, this post is essentially linked to Finance.

Mr & Mrs Llama spend on Average 30$ per Claw Machine trip, and often end up in disappointment. On bad days, we will end up with only 1 toy, on good days, around 4?

We have tried Claw Machines at KSL City Mall, Malacca Elements Mall, Jonker Street in Malacca, Bangkok Esplanade shopping mall.

In Singapore, we have tried Bugis Street Pick a Prize, ClawCoupleSG Wisteria Mall, Suntec CowPlayCowMoo, Ang Mo Kio Timezone, Ang Mo Kio hub Basement, .

We are planning to visit the Claw Machines at Kallang Wave Mall, and Ninso at Mount Austin JB.

My point is, just take the number of places we have tried at, and multiply it by average of $30 per visit? This is not forgetting that we have played more than 5 times at KSL City Mall.

It is alot of money.

So how would you survive your claw Machine addiction?

1. Mr Llama did a survey on his InstaStory based on above picture.

"How much do you think we spent?"
$30 or $80?

70% of respondents chose $80. 
Answer is... $30. $5 average cost for each toy :)

2. Visit Nicho Toys at Junction 9
Source:Junction 9 website
Because Mr & Mrs Llama are avid followers of Claw Machine channels like ClawCoupleSG, and Catch a Toy, we are able to know where we can fix our Claw addiction in Singapore.

Among all the recommendations, Nicho Toys is probably one of the best place!

Probably we are lucky, because there was 2 uncles in the shop who helped us a lot!

Rates there are:
$2 for 6 coins
$5 for 16 coins
$10 for 35 coins
$50 for 180 coins

The Rilakkuma / Chikorita (known as Pear to Mrs Llama) and Purple horse are all 2 coins per try. 57 cents per try.

The Blissey is 3 coins per try. 86 cents per try.

Total amount spent was 20$ for 70 coins. One of the uncle who had pretty dark skin was advising us on how we can better catch the toys. Amazingly, his advice worked twice for us!

To catch the Blissey which was ~40 cm in height, he suggested Mr Llama to catch a Snorlax and exchange for it. Somehow, Mr Llama got it within 5 tries. Mr and Mrs Llama was feeling weird when he appeared to be happier than us when we caught it :')

Generally, the claws at Nicho Toys carry good strength, and pay out rate is really good. I am unable to disclose it here as it is confidential.

Blue Tick toys are from Nicho Toys
Green Tick toys are from PlayUnited

3. Visit PlayUnited at Northpoint City Mall
Source: FB - PlayUnited at Northpoint
This seemed to be a new shop, with lots of new and adorable toys! After spending $20 at Nicho Toys, Mr Llama was feeling the pinch. 

However, since it is a new shop, Mr Llama thought that the shop will offer a good pay-out rate. The shop offers 12 coins for 10$, and if you were unable to catch a single toy with the 12 tries, you are actually able to inform the shop staff and get a soft toy from any claw machine.

After the 3rd try, Mrs Llama was counting the number of coins we had. "We are short of 2!" exclaimed Mrs Llama. 

"Let's try checking with the staff?" Mr Llama responded.

After the Llamas checked with the staff, the staff gave them 2 coins. Amazing customer service!
(Sadly, they didn't manage to get the staff's name)

They managed to catch an Alola Meowth and a Pikachu in a Pokeball.

Meowth was exchanged for Snorlax (so heavy by itself I swear it can never be caught).
Pikachu was exchanged for Jigglypuff :)

$10 for 2 toys, believed to be genuine with Pokemon Center tag.

Source: GoogleMaps
We visited  this stall at Wisteria some time ago. We spent $10 at this shop. 

The great thing about ClawCouple is that they man the shop themselves! Because of this, they were able to assist in your catching journey.

ClawCouple helped adjust the toys such that Mrs Llama was able to catch the Vulpix.

Vulpix from ClawCoupleSG - About 20cm in height
Mr and Mrs Llama had a really great Sunday! It was thrilling to catch 6 toys with $30 and it was so satisfying! In fact, the Blissey costs $42 on Qoo10 if you were to ship it from China.

Mr Llama aims to share above locations with fellow Claw Machine lovers, as he feels these places are really more affordable and gives you the kick for the buck.

It is important to have fun and not only think about Finance. However, after this good break, Mr Llama will be back with portfolio updates closer to 1st Feb, and do a complete Guide to Unit Trust investing (for dummies too). 

Stay tuned~


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